Electronic Warfare

Mercury Defense Systems (MDS) leverages its extensive experience in the radar and electronic warfare domains to offer solutions that address current and future warfighter requirements. MDS addresses modern self-protection and electronic attack challenges, as well as sensor vulnerability assessment and operator training. 

MDS systems operate across the RF spectrum from baseband to millimeter wave. They performs all the analog processing from signal capture at the antenna, through the entire analog and digital sensor chain, and back out to the antenna. MDS systems embed a broad range of custom RF and digital convertors that cover the entire spectrum of interest. MDS systems reflect our 26 years of experience developing Digital RF Memory (DRFM) subsystems. The MDS unique hardware architectures coupled with our broad domain knowledge results in a system-level solution to modern day threat requirements.

Mercury has maintained its position as the industry leader in the development and production of DRFM-based subsystems and today offers a complete system-level solution. MDS systems engineering solutions result in mission fulfillment.