Signals Intelligence

Mercury Defense Systems has a long and successful heritage in the development and integration of SIGINT-ELINT and SIGINT-COMINT solutions, enabling some of the most advanced High Probability of Intercept (HPOI) systems ever deployed. A key capability is our capacity to provide extremely fast tuning and very wide instantaneous bandwidth. In addition, Mercury is able to achieve tuning speeds an order of magnitude faster than alternative techniques, while also preserving extremely low phase noise.

We also understand the critical role played by low phase noise in the demodulation of information content. Mercury develops systems that rely on low phase noise to implement sophisticated direction-finding capabilities, such as interferometry and TDOA. Our direction-finding subsystems are multi-channel in nature and implement extreme innovation to maintain precise performance across channels.

Finally, Mercury’s processing heritage spans all processor types, from FPGA and general purpose processors (e.g. Intel, PowerPCs) to today’s most advanced GPU technologies, while implementing advanced interconnect fabric technologies to expose their true processing potential. Mercury Defense Systems has the innovation and experience to assist defense primes in the creation of high-precision, complex SIGINT systems.