Big Data Analytic Processing

Big Data Whitepaper  "Big Data, Sensors, and Analytics: Discovering New Information through Technology"

Mercury Intelligence Systems (MIS) supports the end-to-end processing of Big Data. This includes processes for data ingestion, information processing, data storage, data retrieval, and visualization and analysis tools. The Big Data analytic processing tools are aimed at supporting both real-time and offline analytics, as well as advanced analysis and visualization. Currently, many Big Data analytic applications merely leverage offline batch processing (e.g., MapReduce) and cannot support real-time analytic information processing. These offline batch processes can have significant latencies and do not support the real-time needs of many customers.

Comprehensive Services

The services being developed by MIS will provide a generic real-time processing framework capable of operating as either a standalone system on custom hardware or as a portable software solution. It will also support regular updates of the analytic processes, and even dynamic updates based on information derived from offline processing outputs. These same capabilities are also designed to support the necessary security requirements for the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. Many features are also applicable in the commercial sector, where additional fine-grained security is required to ensure that data is properly protected (e.g., U.S. healthcare).