Multi-INT Analysis

Mercury Intelligence Systems (MIS) provides subject matter experts to support long-term intelligence requirements. MIS analysts have created, refined and demonstrated methodologies for analyzing trends, applications and anomalies. Our analysts support and deliver the following:

  • Digital signal processing
  • Signals and intelligence analysis
  • Tactical and strategic intelligence requirements
  • Tasking strategy and execution
  • Multisource fusion and reporting
  • Data characterization and enrichment
  • Data collection, archiving and dissemination
  • Object modeling and maintenance

Geospatial Metadata Analysis and Visualization

MIS analysts are highly skilled at geospatial metadata analysis and visualization. Contemporary intelligence analysis, regardless of ‘INT,’ requires easy manipulation and geospatial visualization for customers to view, interpret and use intelligence data. MIS experts are on the cutting edge of developing and implementing the most advanced techniques in geospatial metadata analysis and display. These methods seek to reveal users, trends and weaknesses through the use of metadata only.

Customer Support

MIS analysts support both national-level strategic customers and theater-level tactical consumers in near-real time. MIS intimately understands the intelligence needs of these customers in today’s strategic and tactical environment.