Predictive Analytics

Big Data Analytics Whitepaper  "Addressing Insider Threat through Big Data Analytics"

The key to understanding and interpreting Big Data is advanced analytics. Mercury Intelligence Systems (MIS) focuses on the development of new analytic techniques to enable information discovery in a world of increasing information rates. This includes the development of new algorithms and the application of existing analytic techniques on multiple platforms.

MIS is also developing capabilities to support the linking of predictive real-time analytics with offline batch processing analytics. In the same way the human brain leverages information stored in the subconscious, real-time analytics will be enabled to make better informed decisions based on information derived from the offline processing of Big Data.

Visualization Tools

Enhanced visualization services are also necessary in order to fully realize the power of Big Data. Even with the aid of advanced analytics that synthesize large volumes of data and identify new attributes or changes, it is still necessary for humans to visualize and analyze large data sets in order to derive new levels of information. MIS is developing capabilities to support a highly functional, intuitive and technologically advanced visualization and analysis tool suite.