Software Development & Systems Engineering Services

Our customers require quick, reliable access to the right information from anywhere in the world. And that calls for the right application development. Mercury Intelligence Systems (MIS) delivers customized software development services and analytics, including some of the most cost-effective component and subcomponent solutions in the industry.

Our skilled developers will work within your existing Integrated Process Teams or lead a development effort at your site. MIS in-house domain expertise includes:

  • Satellite command and control
  • Telemetry processing
  • Mission management
  • Image processing
  • Algorithm development
  • Distributed architectures
  • Analytics
  • User interfaces

Engineering Services

MIS provides advanced engineering services on multiple government, aerospace and commercial contracts. Our experts have extensive experience with large-scale communications, satellite and data systems; mission operations and systems engineering for National Systems. MIS engineering expertise includes:

  • Systems analysis and design
  • Systems engineering, integration and test support
  • Mission engineering
  • Network infrastructure
  • Information management systems
  • Signal processing algorithm development
  • Life-cycle and out-years support to delivered systems